2 - 12 August 2018

Glasgow 2018 Volunteering Programme FAQs

Volunteering applications will open very soon.  Please register now to be the first to know when applications are open.

Interested in becoming a Glasgow 2018 volunteer? Here's some Frequently Asked Questions to give you some more information on our upcoming volunteering opportunities.

How do I register my interest in volunteering?

Applications for the Volunteer programme at Glasgow 2018 will be opening very soon. Please check back and keep an eye on our social media channels for updates. You can also complete a registration of interest form.

What does the role of volunteer involve?

Glasgow 2018 will welcome thousands of volunteers as part of the team delivering the Championships.  The enthusiasm and commitment of these volunteers will play an essential role in the experience offered to athletes, officials, media and spectators as they visit Glasgow and Scotland in 2018. Check out our volunteer role profiles for a look at what you could be doing.

What will I gain from becoming a volunteer?

Volunteering is an excellent opportunity to meet new people, challenge yourself in exciting new environments and give something back to your city or local area. You may want to gain confidence or learn new skills, or maybe you want to make your CV stand out a bit more. Whatever you hope to gain - volunteering is one of the most rewarding things you can do. To find out more about the benefits of volunteering visit the Volunteer Scotland website.

Do I need to be a UK citizen?

No - you do not need to be a UK citizen to volunteer in the UK.  If you are a UK citizen, an EU citizen, are seeking asylum or have the right to remain in the UK then you are eligible to volunteer. If none of these apply please seek further information from the UK Visas and Immigration department.

Do I need to live in Glasgow?

Everyone is welcome to register their interest in becoming a volunteer at the Glasgow 2018 European Championships.  Many of roles will be based in Glasgow but you do not need to live in the city - just as long as you can travel to your shift locations. 

Is there a minimum age limit for volunteers?

You need to be over the age of 16 by the 1 January 2018.

How many hours do I need to commit to?

There will be a variety of volunteer roles which will require different time commitments. The number of shifts that volunteers are asked to commit to will vary depending on the role. The requirements for roles will be established according to the competition schedule and cultural events programme.  We will ensure the programme is as accessible as possible by taking into consideration individual circumstances.

Are there any language requirements?

You must be able to speak and read English (although English does not have to be your first language) or communicate in British Sign Language.

I don't know anything about sport, can I still volunteer?

Yes - there are a wide range of volunteer roles and few require a strong knowledge of sport. As long as you are passionate about helping people and meeting visitors we'd love to hear from you.

I am interested in a specific sport/venue. Can you guarantee this?

We are happy to take specific interests and areas of knowledge into account but we cannot guarantee you will be given a role within a specific sport/venue. The European Championships stretch across a wide range of sports and disciplines and it's important that each of them receive the required number of volunteers.

Do I need experience of volunteering?

No - we are looking for volunteers with all different types of experience for many different roles. 

If I am successful and then find I am unable to commit, can I withdraw from the programme?

Yes - you can withdraw at any time.  We are delighted that you are offering us your time, but before you apply have a think about if you can commit.  We are keen to support you so if you have any questions or are thinking about withdrawing please do not hesitate to contact the Volunteer Team at volunteer2018@glasgow.gov.uk.  If you do decide to withdraw, please let us know as soon as possible so we can offer the place to another applicant.

What is the process if I've been successful?

Once all applications have been received the Volunteer Team will review them and decide who to invite to attend an informal interview.  This decision will be based on the requirements for the specific roles. We will let you know the outcome of your application form in August / September 2017.  If successful you will be invited to attend an informal interview with the Volunteer Team where you will find out more about the event and the roles.

Will volunteers have duties inside the sporting venues?

We have a number of different volunteer roles across the Glasgow 2018 European Championships.  There are roles based in all the sporting venues, at the Cultural Hubs and across other key areas of the event.  You will get the opportunity to let us know your preferred role or venue and we will do our best to accommodate your preference where possible however this is not guaranteed. 

When will I receive my volunteer shifts?

We appreciate the commitment it takes to volunteer and understand that you need to plan ahead and releasing shifts will allow you to do this. We aim to let you know at least eight weeks before the event.

Do volunteers receive free or discounted tickets?

Volunteers will receive many fantastic opportunities during the Championships and we will look to reward your efforts wherever we can. However, this will not include free or discounted tickets. Where opportunities exist for volunteers to witness some sporting moments we will try to make these happen where they don’t impact on delivery of a great experience for athletes and spectators.

What happens if I have tickets for an event at the same time as one of my volunteer shifts?

We don’t want anyone to miss out on any of the action at Glasgow 2018 and we will review any shift clashes on a case-by-case basis.

Can I keep the uniform?

Yes - you can keep your Volunteer kit.

Will food and beverages be provided?

Yes - volunteers will be provided with free food and water during their shifts.

How will the recruitment process ensure that Volunteers represent the diversity of Scotland?

We are working with community partners to ensure Volunteers are representative of Scotland’s communities.

Will you be carrying out background checks?

All Glasgow 2018 European Championships Volunteers will be accredited.  You will each have your own pass that allows access to specific areas and we might need to do some background checks.  If you have any concerns please contact the Volunteer Team at volunteer2018@glasgow.gov.uk.

I have a criminal record. Can I still register my interest in becoming a volunteer?

We welcome everyone to apply with individual applications assessed on a case by case basis.

I am a person with a disability; will I be able to volunteer alongside my Support Worker/Personal Assistant?

Yes.  We welcome everyone to join the volunteers programme and your Support Worker / Personal Assistant is more than welcome to come along too.  Please contact the Volunteer Team at volunteer2018@glasgow.gov.uk to discuss any additional support required.

Is the recruitment pack available in any other formats?

The Application Form will be available in other formats such as braille, audio and easy-read. If you require the forms in any other format please contact the Volunteer Team at volunteer2018@glasgow.gov.uk.  The team is also able to help you complete the forms and are happy to answer any questions.  A British Sign Language interpreter is available to assist with recruitment information if needed.

What if I do not have internet access?

You do not need to have internet access.  All you need to do is contact the Volunteers Team at volunteer2018@glasgow.gov.uk and they will send you all the information you need.  Your local library will also have access to the internet which you can use.  If you do not have internet access or an email address the Volunteer Team will communicate with you via letter and phone call, ensuring that you receive all communications.


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